McMigas Family Farm

All Organic, All the Time

Our Story

    Tony Migas and Susan McCarthy met and fell in love in the fall of 2010. Brought together by a mutual interest in medicinal mushrooms and the outdoors -  their first “date” was a mushroom hunting adventure in the Gifford Pinchot national forest. Before they had found their first mushroom together, they knew that they had a future together. Shortly thereafter they bought a home and 10 acres, and set to work completely remodeling the house. They realized that if they could survive a project of that magnitude they could be very happily married. They were married in September 2012.

    Both are lovers of the outdoors and enjoy many activities from hiking and running to gardening and mushroom hunting.  As a lover of all things mycological Tony has always wanted to share his passions with others and has taught mushroom cultivation classes since 2002. Susan, a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist shares this passion as well.  Both have been committed to a healthy lifestyle for years and love to share their knoweledge with others. Because of Susan’s background in Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, along with Tony’s passion for growing medicinal mushrooms and plants, they decided to start a small farm on their property to provide high quality, organically produced mushrooms, mushroom growing kits,and various other fruits,vegetables,herbs and medicinal plants to the people in their community.

    Tony grew up in southeastern Wisconsin, spending much of his free time outdoors, exploring the lakes, rivers, forests, and swamps of Waukesha county. During those formidable years, he gained an intense interest and appreciation for the natural world. He first discovered his interest in mushrooms while spending time on his grandfather’s tree farm in Amherst Junction, in central Wisconsin.
Before graduating high school, his family moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he continued his research into the fungal world, and the natural world in general. He began cultivating mushrooms on a semi industrial scale in early 2002.

    Susan grew up in San Diego. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she earned a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and ultimately becoming a very successful Acupuncturist and east Asian practitioner of Chinese herbs in Vancouver Washington where she continues to practice today.

    Together they own and operate “McMigas Family Farm LLC.” in Brush Prairie, Washington.